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Nashoba United (NU) was founded many years ago as a way to combine the top player talent from the three NRSD towns in advance of high school, as well as provide a way for high school players to maintain their soccer training throughout the Spring (when the HS no longer plays).  NU participates as a recreational soccer program and member club within NVYSL playing at the highest level available – MTOC1.  The league restricts our program to MTOC1, meaning we are unable to place teams lower in their league structure.  This restriction means we must always seek the most talented players from the 3 towns, or not form a team if we feel we are unable to do so competitively.

Nashoba United is focused on training and developing kids to be competitive soccer players and improving fundamental skills, player maturity, and sportsmanship. The program is an affordable “club oriented” option for U12 and above players for both boys and girls.

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NU Jersey

NU will be issuing a new jersey for the 2014/2015 soccer year. Its a light weight jersey of high quality material. Made from CT Air-Con fabric Round neckband with contrasting trim Contract color...
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