Nashoba United HS (9-12)

More than 23 North Central Massachusetts communities join together as members of an umbrella league called Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL)


The biggest difference between the Nashoba United K-2nd grade programs is that Nashoba United Grades 3 and up play home-and-away games against teams from other NVYSL-member cities and towns. Players are placed on Nashoba Units NVYSL teams based on their skill levels, and then Nashoba United's teams are placed in NVYSL divisions based on the skill-level of the team overall.


This program is only run in the Spring 

Nashoba United 9th - 12th Grade Program Specifics:

Who is eligible: Players who reside in Bolton, Lancaster and Stow or attend Nashoba Regional School District

Groupings: Separate sessions for boys and girls. Grade Level 9-12 Teams are made up of players from Bolton, Lancaster and Stow. 

Spring 2023 Schedule:

Schedule: Two practices per week and 8 games played on Sundays

Timing: Practices run for 1 hour on assigned weekdays

Duration: Spring program runs from April to June

Specifics: Players use a size 5 soccer balls and regulation fields for their specific age group

Practices: Weekly practices are run by the coaches focus on skills improvement and understanding of key concepts of soccer.

Location: Practices will be in either Lancaster, Stow or Both. 


Season Goals:

  • To help each player reach their full potential in the sport of soccer
  • To develop players that are comfortable with the ball at their feet
  • To improve each player’s knowledge and understanding of the game
  • To create a positive and fun atmosphere where players can learn and develop at their own pace
  • To gain strategic understanding of strategies to win and excel.
  • To learn how to win and lose graciously and the fill meaning of fair play


Required Equipment:

  • Each player must purchase the Nashoba United Soccer Uniform from Soccer Stuff in Acton. 
  • Players must wear their uniform for each game
  • Players must wear cleats or sneakers. Soccer cleats are not required, but are recommended
  • Shin guards are required and soccer socks must be worn over shin guards so they are not exposed
  • Each player should bring a water bottle
  • Players are not allowed to wear jewelry, earrings, hats or anything metal in their hair for safety reasons


Parent Coach Volunteers:

  • Parent volunteer coaches are essential to successfully run this program
  • Parents can sign up to volunteer on their child's AdminSports registration account
  • Nashoba United will provide all necessary equipment required to conduct weekly practices and games.
  • Each team must have two coaches for the program to work effectively
  • No previous coaching experience is required.
  • A criminal background check (CORI) will be conducted on all youth coaches per state law