Playing Time Policy

It is the policy of the Nashoba United Soccer Club to give equal playing time to all players regardless of skill level.  This policy recognizes the developmental mission of the Club and applies to all players who attend practice regularly and display a positive attitude.


Coaches must give all players the opportunity to play all positions in a game during a season, including goal, to ensure each child can fully appreciate the game of soccer. This also prevents typecasting players too early in their development.


The Club believes that all children deserve the opportunity to develop their skills and to enjoy the game. It is impossible to predict how children will develop. Consequently, it is imperative that we strive to give all children an equal chance to develop, particularly at the younger ages.  


The goal is to ensure as many children are playing and enjoying the game as possible. Ironically, winning in the short term by utilizing unbalanced substitution patterns is detrimental to winning in the long term. Equal playing time promotes more player development and results in a much stronger, more balanced team, that is more capable of winning in the future.